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New Star Swimming School was founded by Coach Lan at the beginning of 2018. The original intention of the establishment was she saw that many Chinese who immigrated to Australia could not swim, Australia is a country surrounded by the sea, therefore not safe to be unable to swim. There are not many institutions that train adults, since Australians mostly start learning to swim in their childhood. Also, due to language barriers, many new immigrants, who wish to learn to swim, cannot communicate effectively with English speaking coaches; causing students to learn swimming at an incredibly slow rate, or fail to learn after years of time. At the same time, I learned that Brisbane’s junior swimming coaches are of mixed quality. Most of the coaches are college students and part-timers. Because of their high turnover rate and therefore low sense of responsibility, the training effect is unsatisfactory. Some children are still unable to swim after studying for a year or even two years. Parents have spent a lot of time and money but have not received good results. So, we decided to build our own swimming school for Chinese people. On the one hand, we train adults to help them learn to swim and adapt to the new life of Australia as soon as possible. On the other hand, we train Chinese children to give Chinese parents more choices and offer our expertise; shortening the time of learning to swim, saving the training cost and improving the training effect. Our school philosophy is professional, dedicated, efficient!

新星游泳学校于2018 年初由兰教练创立,创立的初衷是:由于看到了很多移民来澳洲的华人不会游泳,澳洲又是一个四面环海的国家,不会游泳实在不安全。澳洲人都是从小就学习游泳,所以没有几所游泳学校有成人课程。另一方面,由于语言障碍,很多新移民在本地人开设的游泳学校里无法和说英语的教练良好沟通,因此有的学员也未能学会游泳。同时我们还了解到,布里斯班的儿童初级游泳教练水平良莠不齐,从业者多是大学生和兼职人员,因为他们人员流动性大,责任感也不强,所以培训的效果差强人意。有的小朋友学习了一年甚至两年还不能游起来,家长付出了大把时间和金钱没有收到很好的效果。于是我们就决定建立一个华人自己的游泳学校,一方面培训成人帮助TA们学会游泳尽快适应移民的新生活,另一方面训练华人小朋友,能让华人家长多一个选择,同时也可以发挥我们的专长,缩短学习游泳的时间,节省训练费用,提高训练效果。
我们学校坐落在 Sunnybabank Hills 区,位于华人聚集区中心,方便家长接送。现在拥有两个泳池,大泳池是25*7米,标准长度,水深1.3米,三条泳道,水温保持28°c 左右。主要用于中,高级别学生训练。小泳池长度12.5米宽6米,4条泳道,水深0.8-1米,水温保持恒温在30°c左右,主要是初级班成人和小朋友使用。
我们的办学理念是:专业,专注,高效 !

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Facilities and Equipment

New Star Swimming School’s swimming pool adopts ozone disinfection method (combined with a small amount of long-term disinfectant), and the pool water is fresh water. This disinfection method will not irritate the eyes and throat. It is especially suitable for children’s delicate skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.

We are located in the Sunnybank Hills, in the center of the Chinese gathering area, which is convenient for parents to pick up and drop off. Now there are two swimming pools. The large swimming pool is standard length 25 meters long, 1.3 meters deep, three lanes, and the water temperature is maintained at about 28°C. Mainly used for middle and high-level student training. The small swimming pool is 12.5 meters long and 6 meters wide, with 4 lanes and the water depth of 0.8-1 meters. The water temperature is kept at a constant temperature of about 30°C.

The lighting and heating of the swimming pool mainly adopts solar energy and electric energy assistance, which effectively utilizes the good solar energy resources in Queensland to ensure the stable temperature of winter training.

There are toilets, men’s and women’s changing rooms and solar-powered showers. The school also has a spacious front and rear yard, 20 parking spaces, flowers blooming and fruit trees everywhere forming a beautiful environment.